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Have you ever thought that we’re selling cybersecurity insincerely, buying it indiscriminately, and deploying it ineffectively?

In order for cybersecurity to be truly effective we must operationalize it. We must make it transparent, break down the communications surrounding the methods, services, and technologies that the industry offers so that it can truly protect and bring value to our businesses, our communities, and our society.

Our conversations At The Edge do just that.


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  • Redefining Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence | Guests: Perry Carpenter, Mike Harasimowicz, Robert McNutt, Bülent Yener

  • The Quantum Revolution Is Coming - Are We Prepared? | Guests: Donna Dodson, Christopher Monroe

  • A day in the Life of a SOC Analyst—exploring tools, tactics, and techniques | Guest(s): TBA

  • What Do CISOs Dream About | Guest(s): TBA

  • Dissecting the world of mobile cybersecurity standards (NIST and beyond) | Guest(s): TBA

  • CCPA — “Can California Protect Anything” | Guests: TBA

  • 5G: The Impact of Speed and Scale on Security and Privacy | Guest(s): TBA

  • Mobile Device Security: Corporate-Owned vs Personally-Enabled | Guest(s): TBA

  • A Day in the Life of a Pentester—exploring tools, tactics, and techniques | Guest(s): TBA

  • Legal Ramifications Of Federal IoT Legislature | Guest(s): TBA

  • A Day in the Life of a Bug Bounty Hunter—exploring tools, tactics, and techniques | Guest(s): TBA

  • A Look at the Tech Behind Smart Manufacturing | Guest(s): TBA

  • Unpacking the NIST CyberSecurity Framework | Guest(s): TBA

  • SecOps’ Role in Protecting the Employee at Home | Guest(s): TBA

  • Why Do Security Apps UX Suck? | Guest(s): TBA

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ITSPmagazine is and will always be a free publication.
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