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Voice AI in the Most Unlikely Places – Even Casinos

While today’s home assistants like Alexa or Siri are often the only examples of voice technology that many of us consider, our not-too-distant future will be defined by voice integration, not just for convenience and information, but also in how we keep our personal information, our families and our businesses — including casinos — safe and secure.

How Facebook’s Crisis of Trust Impacts Business and Society

Growing privacy concerns have Facebook users measurably less engaged, and recent findings show that they have serious concerns about trust and security on the site. So if you were counting on a future of low-effort, algorithm-driven advertising, you might want to go back to the drawing board. But, as Ben Mizes, Co-Founder of Clever Real Estate points out, there is some good news, too.

What’s Lurking in Your Company’s Shadows?

When it comes to enterprise security, insider threats — whether malicious or inadvertent — must be top of mind. Most people envision intentional insider threats as disgruntled employees stealing data to sell for profit or corporate espionage. But, explains Jeff Nathan of Exabeam, there is a new, resource- and dollar-stealing risk on the block that companies should be on the lookout for: shadow mining.

What IT and Security Should Be Asking Themselves in 2019

IT and workforce digitization is not only changing businesses but whole industries — virtually overnight. Don Boxley, co-founder of DH2i, outlines the top two questions every IT and business professional tasked with digitization and/or data security should ask themselves in 2019, plus the two top questions to ask when investing in new technology solutions.

A Business Cannot Be Immune To Data Loss, But It Can Be Prepared For It

Last month’s World Backup Day was a great reminder for organizations about the critical urgency of preparing for business continuity in the face of increasing cyber-attacks and other types of file loss. Dena Bauckman of Zix shares her best practices for any organization, regardless of size, when it comes to developing a robust data backup and business continuity strategy.

We Need More Than Employee Training Against Phishing

Emails have long been the customary approach for delivering phishing scams, which have affected more than one-third of all organizations. However, as most organizations move toward improving their security, attackers are developing other methods that use more than just email. Atif Mushtaq, founder of SlashNext, explains the newer, short-lived tactics that are being used to target human weaknesses and exploit employee vulnerabilities.

Five Possible Ways You Did Not See That Data Breach Coming

Organizations are often not fully aware of the security processes of the companies they outsource to, but they are still held responsible in the case of a data breach. Ilia Sotnikov, VP of Product Management at Netwrix, explains why every company should take a risk-based approach when developing relationships with contractors and avoid making these five mistakes that could lead to a data breach.

You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure. Raise Your DevOps IQ

DevOps is an outcome-based practice for organizations and helps them achieve rapid application delivery. However, it is important to measure and achieve more as you progress in your DevOps journey. Prasanna Singaraju, Co-Founder and Chief of Engineering and Technology at Qentelli, helps you get a greater view of how DevOps with KPIs will change the way your business operates and becomes more efficient.

An Innovative Approach to Addressing the U.S. Cybersecurity Crisis

Criminal hackers are using sophisticated methods and tools found on the dark web that allow them to keep ahead of the efforts to combat them. That in conjunction with the massive worldwide cybersecurity skills shortage means that fighting cybercrime is more and more difficult. Aidan McCauley, VP of Technology Investments at IDA Ireland, says that rather than separate nation- or company-led efforts, there's another approach that might deliver better results.

A Short History Of Computer Viruses

The evolution of malware (kicked off in 1986 with the Brain virus) spawned a plethora of Trojans, worms and ransomware. David Balaban, computer security researcher with over 15 years of experience in malware analysis and antivirus software evaluation, looks back on the top 10 computer viruses that turned out to be groundbreaking or caused hefty damage.

Would Homer Agree? The Achilles Heel Of IoT Devices

IoT devices are already being used in hospitals, and any tampering with them — such as imaging nurse call systems, infusion pumps and patient monitors — can cost human lives. Andy Norton of Lastline illustrates that, given their vulnerabilities and the ease with which bad actors can take advantage of them, it’s clear that not enough is being done to secure IoT devices.

Is the Cyber World Really Less Secure Than a Few Years Ago?

Looking back to identify trends and patterns, we can see what lessons we can learn when it comes to patch management. Chris Goettl, director of product management, security at Ivanti, reviews what we saw throughout 2018 and also some trends across the last decade. From this he provides some guidance as to what you should be working toward to make your cybersecurity program successful.

My Digital Avatar: The Thin Line Between Utopia and Apocalypse

There’s a cloud-based avatar of you that knows your habits, desires, needs and preferences with timeliness and pinpoint accuracy. It sounds futuristic, but it’s entirely achievable now thanks to the data you willingly supply companies with. But what happens, Leigh-Anne Galloway, Cyber Security Resilience Lead at Positive Technologies, asks, when any one of these multitudes of data sources is breached?

How NAC and CIS Controls Go Hand-in-Hand

For midsize companies, the best practices outlined in the “First 5 CIS Controls” provide a solid foundation for securing their IT environments and reducing their level of exposure to the vast majority of security threats. Ofer Amitai, CEO and co-founder of Portnox, discusses how NAC provides coverage for these controls.

Are New Vulnerabilities A Tipping Point in 2019?

The theme of the vulnerability onslaught continues in 2019. And things are only getting more complex as we continue to write more lines of code to control all of the things we are connecting to the Internet. In this Experts Corner, Doug Mechaber gives some insight into these complexities as it relates to identifying and measuring vulnerability-driven risk.

Innovation Leads to a New Frontier of Identity Management

With the exposure of personally identifiable information via data breaches, organizations need to look beyond name, address, date of birth and Social Security Number to accurately identify individuals. Advanced data and innovative technology, such as physical and behavioral biometrics, device intelligence and digital behaviors, can help usher in a new frontier of authentication and lead to improved identity proofing as well as a better customer experience.

Snake Oil or Silver Bullet? Blockchains Are Neither

Countering claims that blockchain is “pure hype and snake oil," Simon Harman, Project Lead at Loki, discusses the current reality of the blockchain sector. Addressing the failure of some projects to deliver on their promises, as well as the cause of both criticism and praise for a technology which was on everybody's radar in 2017/18, he suggests that this new industry holds a great deal of promise based on the hard work of sensible, sustainable development.

9 Ways I’ve Seen Companies Respond to a Breach

Breaches aren’t easy to deal with, especially if you are of the opinion that companies are people, too. Having seen, been part of, and lent a shoulder to many a breach, Javvad Malik, Security Advocate at AlienVault, offers nine of the common (but not best!) ways that companies respond to breaches.

Better Make Some Plans When Moving To The Cloud

As organizations shift more to the cloud, it means they will increasingly rely on networks and infrastructure they don't own or directly manage. Yet this infrastructure is just as critical to consume and deliver the applications and services as when it was in the data center. Alex Henthorn-Iwane, VP Product Marketing at ThousandEyes, outlines 6 key network considerations that IT managers should take into account before shifting to the cloud.

5 Recommendations to Build Security into Your Multi-Cloud Strategy

While multi-cloud is a smart decision, it's extremely hard to get right, and the added complexity of securing data makes it an even more daunting proposition. Mario Duarte explores the challenges in developing a multi-cloud strategy that accounts for security and reviews four recommendations to execute on your own secure multi-cloud strategy.