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A Short History Of Computer Viruses

The evolution of malware (kicked off in 1986 with the Brain virus) spawned a plethora of Trojans, worms and ransomware. David Balaban, computer security researcher with over 15 years of experience in malware analysis and antivirus software evaluation, looks back on the top 10 computer viruses that turned out to be groundbreaking or caused hefty damage.

Companies Lost Trust In Their Users. What's Next?

Data breaches reached a historic high in 2017, with 1,579 reported, which left 179 million records exposed. Ryan Wilk, VP of Delivery for NuData Security, explains why a whole new authentication framework is needed that positively identifies customers online and biometrics is helping to solve this challenge.

Our Best Cyber-Defense For The Future: Teenage Technologists

Although information security analysts will be the fastest growing overall job category, the supply of analytics talent isn’t rising fast enough to meet this demand. Charles Eaton believes that good technologists can make great information security analysts, and that tweens and teens should become a focal point in this area.

3 Signs Your Website Security Strategy Is in Need of a Refresh

The threat of cybercrime continues to grow, and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) should be especially concerned as they lack the IT budget and resources that larger enterprises have and are thus more likely to struggle after suffering a breach. For those guilty of letting their website security strategies sit on the back burner, SiteLock president Neill Feather suggests that it may be time to consider a strategy refresh.

Digital Transformation Adds Cyber Risks To Financial Services

As banks innovate to meet the changing demands of connected consumers, they are also increasing their attack surface, potentially making highly sought-after user data more accessible to cybercriminals. To mitigate these threats, financial services firms have to be aware of the risks that come with new capabilities and adjust their security architecture accordingly.

Sorry, It's A Myth That Macs Are More Secure Than PCs

While Mac users like to believe that their systems are secure, the truth is that Macs really aren't more secure than Windows PCs; it's a myth that Apple computers are inherently more secure and don't get malware. Here are several things that Mac users can do to improve their security.

How About Treating Everyone’s Data As If It Were Your Own?

With May 25 looming, preparing for compliance with the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an unavoidable necessity for businesses – and an important act of social responsibility.

What Happens To Enterprises If the Cybersecurity Bubble Pops?

Cybersecurity startups, relying on a seemingly endless stream of cash from VCs, are facing a harsh reality as organizations take a harder look at their cybersecurity ROI. When the funding stops, what does that mean for the industry and customers left holding the bag?

How To Pick The Right Cybersecurity Expert For The Job

Choosing a cybersecurity team should be a top priority for any organization, but it's often a challenge for a business to find qualified candidates. Dr. Eric Cole, CEO of Secure Anchor, provides four keys to finding the right cybersecurity expert for your company.

Busting The 7 Myths About Cybersecurity Careers

There are many issues confounding and complicating raising the next generation of technologists. Seven myths exist about technology careers discourage potential teenage technologists and their parents. As a leader of a philanthropic organization dedicated to creating on-ramps to tech careers, Charles Eaton considers busting those myths not only a duty, but a pleasure. Charles tackles these seven myths one-by-one here in his latest ITSPmagazine Experts Corner.

Medical Device Diversity Is A Critical Factor For Healthcare IT

When it comes to medical devices deployed in clinical environments, diversity is a key factor. The reality is that not only are the medical devices manufactured by many different companies, but the underlying operating systems and software applications running on these devices are also incredibly diverse.

Cryptocurrency Mining Is Booming, And So Is Its Malware

The cryptocurrency boom is underway. The talk of the town isn’t only about Bitcoin, the most popular form of digital cash. The value of some altcoins, including Monero (XMR), is steadily reaching new heights as well, adding more fuel to the furnace of the overall hysteria.

We Are All A Cyber Fraud Target. 5 Tips To Help You To Be Cyber Secure.

As technology works to make our lives easier, the downside is there are more ways than ever to become the victim of fraud. Fraudulent activity can destroy your identity, reputation, finances and much more. The good news is there are ways to protect yourself and stay safe.

Happy Valentines Day! Here Is A Bouquet Of Online Dating Romance Scams. XOXO

As more adults flock to online dating sites to meet "the one" they must also exercise caution. A new generation of scammers are setting their traps, creating fake profiles to extort cash and mine personal data from victims.

Let’s Take A Look At Some Recent Cryptocurrency Scams

Although Bitcoin price dropped substantially this month, cryptocurrencies still attract myriads of swindlers like honey attracts bees. As new waves of users rush into crypto, there will certainly be scammers waiting for them.

The Cyber Attacks NOT Making Headlines Are The Scary Ones

The scariest attacks of 2017 don’t have a name. They are not featured in the headlines. They are the unreported and the under-reported. The cyber criminals are not undefeatable supernatural, evil entities.

Mobile Apps, Your Data, and your digital Shadow

Mobile Apps are used every day without a second thought. But convenience comes at a cost. You may want to think twice before you download.

Nearly Half of SMBs Plan to Invest in Cybersecurity in 2018

As part of Kabbage’s ongoing effort to help small businesses to be successful, Kabbage recently surveyed more than 800 customers and nearly half (47 percent) plan to invest in cybersecurity products and services in 2018.

GDPR Will Have A Big Impact On Small And Medium Business - Part 3

Welcome to the last of our three-part GDPR series. In this post we’ll dive deeper into a few more key concepts, like individual rights, data controllers vs. data processors (and how you can determine which one you are), and the new 72-hour rule for data breach reporting.

Is Anything Really Safe In The Virtual World We’ve Created?

Jessica Lang from Kaizen reveals the ten cyber attacks that have rocked the world in recent years, and hit 5.4 billion accounts in total.