A Wicked6 Games 2019 InfoSec Life Story | Earl | ECPI University


As part of our Hacker Summer Camp event coverage, we are supporting the Wicked6 Cyber Games as an official media partner. And, as part of this coverage, we have asked some of the Wicked6 competitors to tell us a bit about their journey in the world of InfoSec.

This is one of their stories.

Story By: Earl (AKA 2d)
University: ECPI University
Team Name: D0wn the L1ne
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Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am studying Cyber Security and Software Development at ECPI University in Columbia, SC. I am currently working two jobs, as well as being a full-time student, and working outside of school on the various competitions we as a team compete in.

Tell us about your interest in cybersecurity

I came to ECPI on a whim and by chance met Chris. He saw something in me that I did not and set me on a track in Software Development. Once I started the program, Chris got me involved with the Cyber Defense Team, setting me in the direction of databases and Linux.

After Struggling for a few weeks something just clicked and I learned that I have a knack for databases. I have learned to secure databases on linux boxes, as well as windows machines, from oracle to MySQL.

After our competitions at both regional and state level, I started working on Wordpress and Powershell. I found how to actually start to secure Wordpress from the config files as well as using apache files to hide the config files. Learning Powershell was very interesting as I am learning how to start to secure a windows machine from just the Powershell CLI.

Why are you participating in Wicked 6 Cyber Games?

I am participating, because I was asked to. After learning that I was going to compete, I became very excited. This opportunity has allowed me to learn a lot of stuff I could have only ever dreamed of.

What challenges do you expect to encounter?

I am worried about not knowing the environment. This competition is a little different then what we are used to. In other competitions we can do things our way, with our own commands. Having to do things in a more structured way is going to be my biggest challenge.

What do you expect to get out of the Wicked6 Cyber Games event?

From the Event I hope to gain more experiences in my skills as well as meet other professionals, I the hopes of gaining employment, and learn more about our trades.

Do you have any advice for your peers?

If you want to start in cyber security do it. Learn as much as you can. Never stop researching.