It was a true pleasure to participate In this summit and share some fantastic moments with the ISSA community.

It Was Great To See Y’All!


Making Security a Top Priority

The 9th annual ISSA International Summit on October 1-2, took place at the Omni Mandalay Hotel at Las Colinas in Irving/Dallas, TX. The International Summit was a two days event packed with cyber security education and networking opportunities.

Attendees engaged with 30+ exhibitors and made their education selections from 20+ sessions. Participants had the opportunity to spend time with sponsors in the exhibit hall, participate in networking events, attend presentations, special events, and receptions. Cybersecurity professionals at the ISSA International Summit enjoyed two days of networking, sharing and learning from the leaders in the industry.

An InfoSec Life Fireside Chat With Ron Ross, Fellow at NIST


Ron Ross, Fellow at National Institute of Standards and Technology


Sean Martin, CISSP, Editor-in-Chief, ITSPmagazine


In this fireside chat, Sean Martin discusses the profession of cybersecurity, past, present, and future with Dr. Ron Ross from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

The interview covered a myriad of topics, including Dr. Ross’ cybersecurity career with the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, and NIST; a retrospective of the key projects and cybersecurity initiatives he had led during his forty-five years of public service; mentoring the next generation of cybersecurity professionals; lessons learned; and key cybersecurity and privacy challenges and opportunities for the future.

This is a rare opportunity to hear Ron Ross share his life story with Sean Martin and the ISSA audience during this intimate fireside chat presented as the keynote during the ISSA International Summit taking place in Irving, Texas.

Some of the Key Topics They Explored During this Keynote Fireside Chat

  • What was Ron’s entry into InfoSec

  • What does Ron’s career path look like

  • We’ll take a deep dive into NIST and the work Ron has been involved with

  • Ron’s view of how to successfully run programs and build/manage Infosec teams

And much more. Ready for some fun? OK then, have a go…

If you prefer a podcast version of this conversation look below.👇

Stay tuned on ITSPmagazine for the the bonus podcast with Dr. Ron Ross, Sean, and Marco following the FireSide Chat where they talk about cybersecurity, technology, society, and what the future holds for all of us.

Conversations from ISSA Int. Summit 2019

Our goal at ITSPmagazine is to capture and share interesting and relevant stories, and in doing so, help connect information security and privacy with society, the way we live our lives, and the way we do our jobs.

We are excited we got to spend some time with our strategic partner, ISSA International, in Dallas this October in order to connect with experts and companies from all over the US. Sean and Marco were there to tell and listen to many stories throughout the event. A sampling of the conversations include:

  • Dr. Ron Ross | Fellow, National Institute of Standards and Technology

  • Candy Alexander | President, ISSA International — Sandra Lambert | Co-Founder, ISSA International

  • Winn Schwartau | Author and CyberSecurity Luminary

  • Sandra Joyce | Senior Vice President, Global Intelligence, FireEye

  • Beverly Allen | Associate General Counsel, Chief Privacy Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, Inovalon

  • Event Recap with Marc Thompson, David Vaughn, Richard Greenberg, Nia Luckey

As we capture and produce these conversations—tweets, podcasts, and videos—we will provide highlights from the event, right here, on this page, once they are available.

Stay tuned and Join our Mailing List to get notified when new stories are published.

ISSA International Awards 2019

We were able to capture the acceptance speech from one of the 2019 ISSA Hall of Fame recipients—Winn Schwartau—where he was recognized with a lifetime achievement award for being an individual with exceptional leadership as well as an exemplary commitment to the information security profession. These are the other award winners: Renaud Déraison, Dan Geer, Neal Koblitz, Victor S. Miller

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