ISSA Los Angeles Summit XI | A conversation with Richard Greenberg

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By Marco Ciappelli

ISSA Los Angeles Summit XI
A conversation with Richard Greenberg

Guest: Richard Greenberg

Host: Marco Ciappelli

On the last day of ISSA Los Angeles Summit XI, I had the pleasure to chat about this event, the present status of cybersecurity, the plans for the future, and few others interesting topics with Mr. Richard Greenberg. We had this conversation while enjoying the view of the Santa Monica beaches from the deck of the gorgeous Annenberg Community Beach House, where this year summit was held for the first time - after outgrowing the original UCLA location and the Universal City Hilton. 

I think I can say that this fantastic group of volunteers are doing something right. Appsec Cali and ISSA LA Summit are getting better and better every year; the quantity and quality of sessions, conversations and attendees is most definitely showing it.

Now, for the few of you that might not know Richard, he is the President of ISSA Los Angeles, the President of Los Angeles OWASP and he has been recently elected in the Global OWASP Board of Director. Oh, yes, he also has a day job as a CISO; a paid one.

So, sure, the guy is busy, but he assured me that he can sleep at night and take care of his family too. We all know how important it is to give our best in our profession without forgetting to also give our best to our family, friends, and, of course ourselves. 

In this relaxed and fun conversation Richard and I spoke about:

  • Another successful ISSA LA Summit with top notch speakers, sponsors, and participants. 

  • What has changed in the infosec industry in these 11 years since the first summit, and how new topics have moved the focus of the conversations.

  • How collaboration amongst cybersecurity professionals, government, and companies can help to fast track the level of applied knowledge in the constant battle against cyber criminals. At this point, despite quite annoying and dated hooded small criminal in the basement visuals, that marketing team and the mainstream media are still trying to re-heat for dinner, we all know that it is actually a well organized industry and it must be fought as such.

This year, on top of technical highly educational sessions, there were brilliant keynotes and several panels: law enforcement, healthcare, CISOs and, of course, a women and diversity in tech session - this last one being a issue/topic that has always been dear to the ISSA LA team and to Richard.

To wrap up this intro and invite you to listen to this 15 minutes podcast, I just want to highlight once more, the fundamental role that small and medium size local event cover in the infosec ecosystem. 

Sean and I, are about to attend Infosec Europe, RSA Conference APJ, and Las Vegas Black Hat and DefCon. Of course these mainstream events are going to be great and important experiences for us and the future of ITSPmagazine, but I love the friendly and constructive networking environment that I found here today and in other smaller events.

Let’s all be part of these vibrant local communities, support them and share our passion and knowledge; we will get back way more than what we give. Trust me. 

Now listen up.

Enjoy the podcast, listen to it carefully, and share it recklessly!


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