A Conversation About The Importance Of Volunteering In The Cybersecurity Community

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By Marco Ciappelli | Co-host Selena Templeton
A conversation with Kathleen Smith

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On today’s episode, the guest is a great friend of ITSPmagazine that Sean Martin and I had the pleasure of meeting and recording a podcast with at Bsides L.V. last summer. Her name is Kathleen Smith and she is the Chief Marketing Officer for veteran-owned ClearedJobs.Net and CyberSecJobs.Com

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On this conversation I am joined by the marvelous Selena Templeton who will help me dig into a subject that is very dear to Kathleen: the importance of volunteering in the cybersecurity community as an opportunity for learning new technical and non-technical skills that benefit personal growth and support career advancement.

Volunteering is good for the people who do it and for the company that supports it.

Listen to the findings of Kathleen’s survey of industry professionals, learn why volunteering is beneficial for both the volunteers and the organizations, and hopefully you will get the motivation to get involved yourself, to enable and support it as a business or, if you are already actively involved, you might get an extra tip to get the best out of this experience. 

We truly hope that you enjoy this conversation. As you will be able to tell, we had a great time and we cannot wait for another conversation to happen the next time that we meet at the intersection of IT security and society.

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Volunteerism Offers Many Benefits

Posted by Kathleen Smith

We live in a fast-paced world and everyone has a busy life. Demanding schedules of work and family can make it hard to meet day-to-day obligations, yet alone spend time as a volunteer. However research indicates that volunteering can offer tremendous benefits, including finding a sense of purpose.

Yet with all of these busy lives you will find that many, if not most, conferences and programs in the cyber security community are completely volunteer run. In the cyber security community, you don’t need to commit an extraordinary amount of time in order to reap the benefits. Spending just a few hours a month has been shown to offer many substantial benefits such as learning new skills, building an industry network, and even finding a new job.

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