Are We Investing In InfoSec To Solve Problems Or Make Money?

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By Sean Martin, host of At The Edge

In today’s episode, I am joined by two InfoSec veterans who have held a variety of leadership roles and are now leading and managing a fund at ClearSky Ventures — Jay Leek and Patrick Heim.

I am thrilled to get a slice of their time to ask them some hard questions and to get a view of their world as they try to figure out which investments to make, why, and why not.

Paraphrasing Jay in this conversation:

It’s hard to get informed with investments … it’s not obvious.
— Jay Leek

Jay and Patrick shine the light on a ton of stuff in this episode. Listen in to get their individual and combined views on investment strategies, investment buzzwords, and the categorization of the 4 types of security companies and how the categories impact investment decisions. Jay and Patrick even share some advice for the organizations making attempts to consume some of these innovative products. Similar to Jay’s point of view for investments — it’s not always obvious to the consumer, either.