Reverse Engineering BlueKeep: What You Need To Know To Prepare


Guests: Scott Scheferman | Rick McElroy | @JaGoTu
Host: Sean Martin

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As I generally do on a regular basis, I was scrolling through my LinkedIn and Twitter feeds to see what was happening in the world or cybersecurity and business and came across a post about the BlueKeep vulnerability and patch on LinkedIn from Scott Scheferman that contained a heading which read: “Thoughts on BlueKeep that media isn't telling you:”

As a journalist, I found this statement intriguing. Thus, I began working on connecting with Scott to get him on a podcast to discuss this further. After a few attempts to bring together a few folks, I was able to pull in Rick McElroy and @JaGoTu to join Scott Scheferman and me for this chat. Needless to say, they did not disappoint.

During our nearly-one-hour chat, we cover tons of stuff, including:

  • How can security teams detect BlueKeep … can they?

  • How to protect against BlueKeep … Is patching enough? Is it the only way? Are you using a protection method that won’t actually protect you?

  • Should we be prepared for a worm-enabled outbreak similar to WannaCry?

  • What’s the role of machine learning and artificial intelligence in this situation?

  • Why are we still using RDP and forcing ourselves to deal with this crap?

  • What role do ISAOs, ISACs, and other threat intelligence communities play in protecting against these types of threats?

  • How do smaller, less mature, less funded businesses prepare for the moment when the “stuff” hits the fan?

  • Have you reviewed your cyber insurance policy (and clauses/riders) lately?

There’s a lot to absorb here. I would encourage you to take the time to learn from this conversation and then apply what you’ve learned to your infosec program. And, if you value the community, take a moment to share this with a few of your peers to help them out.

Have a listen.

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