We’re Moving Toward Technologies That Enable Humans Rather Than Try To Automate Them

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By Sean Martin

During RSA Conference 2019 in San Francisco, Sean Martin sat down with Jill Orhun, Head of Strategy and Operations for Cyber at Devo, Seema Sheth-Voss, VP Product Marketing at Devo, and Chris O’Brien, Head of Technical Marketing at Devo — a group of folks who connect with customers and prospects — to discuss trends and anomalies they’ve seen.

These are some of the topics discussed:

  • Human-facing technologies, user experience, and usability — i.e. technologies that enable humans rather than try to automate them, so a lean away from AI

  • We’re seeing a lot more on the usability front — UI, UX — and this will become more of a differentiator as time goes on

  • How to enable the SOC, the analysts, the threat hunting team in a meaningful way

  • Things are complex — there are too many tools, too little time, too few people. We need to empower the analysts to do their jobs better, so it comes down to speed and context of the data.

  • How are we enriching the security context with the business context? That’s ultimately what the CISO and the board want to know. Number of vulnerabilities or number of patches done are very low-level metrics — what they really want to know is: what’s the risk?

  • And things need to scale using data (leveraging the cloud) — a lot of the conversations we’re hearing come down to the deployment model — data sovereignty and data privacy are top of mind.

About Jill Orhun

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Driven product evangelist & business executive applying a background of entrepreneurship, sales and marketing to the development of Derivative Technology's Adaptive Security Intelligence platform. Deep experience with Fortune 500 companies, developing intimate knowledge of company priorities and helping clients make sense of security relevant data to drive decisions. Strong supporter of the security community & all it stands for.

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About Seema Sheth-Voss

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An Innovative ‘Full-Stack’ Marketing Leader with 15+years of experience in delivering growth for technology companies with ability to distill complex concepts back to the buyer need. Trusted advisor to sales and business stakeholders. Data-driven professional who spurs action from strategic insights. Hands-on coach who leads across global teams of direct reports, demand-professionals, regional marketers and agencies.

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About Chris O’Brien

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