WISP and ITSPmagazine: A conversation with Co-Founder Elena Elkina

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By Selena Templeton & Sean Martin

In today’s episode, my co-host Sean Martin and I have a fun chat with Elena Elkina, co-founder of WISP – Women in Security and Privacy – to kick off and introduce ITSPmagazine’s strategic partnership with WISP!

In this short conversation, we get to know a bit about Elena (besides being on the board of WISP, she is partner of Aleada Consulting), Women in Security and Privacy (a non-profit whose mission is to advance, advocate for, and increase participation of women in the Privacy and Information Security fields), and why we decided to partner with each other.

ITSPmagazine chooses our partnerships very carefully. Our primary mission is to raise awareness for cybersecurity by making it understandable, accessible and part of everyone’s life. But we believe that our voice alone is never going to be loud enough. No matter what we can do as individual organizations, our influence is never going to be as strong and powerful as that of a community of organizations coming together, united by the same passion, goal and vision.

Women in Security & Privacy (WISP) is a fiscally-sponsored project of Community Initiatives that promotes the development, advancement and inclusion of women in security and privacy. Their initiatives are:

  • Education: Help women identify and achieve the level of education and skills required to succeed in security and privacy positions across multiple industries.

  • Mentoring & Networking: Foster a community for knowledge-sharing, collaboration, mentorship, and networking.

  • Advancement: Support the career advancement of women in security and privacy.

  • Leadership: Increase thought leadership by women in security and privacy.

So teaming up with the WISP just makes sense and we’re super excited about all that we can and will do together!

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About Elena Elkina
Co-founder of Women in Security & Privacy (WISP)

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Elena Elkina is a Sr. Privacy and Data Protection expert. She is a co-founder and partner at Aleada Consulting, where she advises clients on privacy, data protection and information security issues. Elena is known for her entrepreneurial approach to driving business performance while protecting information and serving as a trusted adviser for her clients.

She is the co-founder, board member, and expansion lead for Women in Security and Privacy (WISP), a non-profit organization that focuses on advancing women in security and privacy fields. She is also a board member for Leading Women in Technology (LWT), a non-profit organization dedicated to unlocking the potential of female professionals who advise technology businesses.

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