Dr. Uma Gupta


Keynote, Motivational Speaker, Consultant

Dr. Uma Gupta is an entrepreneur, consultant, keynote speaker and Professor of Business at Buffalo State College, New York and specializes in technology, strategy, leadership and entrepreneurship. She holds a PhD in industrial engineering, an MBA from the University of Central Florida, and a graduate degree in mathematics from Stella Maris College, India.

Dr. Gupta was selected as the Top Ten Influential Women in Technology in Houston, Texas, was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Award by the United States government to conduct research and teach at the University of Malta, and has won numerous other awards for community engagement and exemplary leadership contributions.

Uma Gupta is also the Founder and Executive Director of STEM-SMART, a non-profit organization that promotes science and technology careers in the U.S. She has been quoted in Forbes, Reuters and NPR, has published three major textbooks on technology management, edited a book on Artificial Intelligence, and published more than sixty five research papers.

She has a deep love and passion for studying and understanding human nature and decision-making and its influence on our personal and professional lives and incorporates findings from brain research and neuroscience into her talks to help all of us understand why we do what we do and to find ways to tap into our own wisdom.


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