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Let's face it: the future is now. 

We are already living in a cyber society, so we need to stop ignoring it or pretending that is not affecting us.

There is no better place than here, and no better time then now, to talk about the future of this digitally connected world.


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Upcoming Conversations on the cyber Society

  • How Smart Are Smart Cities And Their Citizens?

    • Guests: TBD

  • The Status OF Cybersecurity In Africa.

    • Guests: TBD

Unusual Gathering | Episode XXIV | Guests Diana Kelley, Priscilla Koepke, Ann Cleaveland

Conversations At The Intersection Of Technology, Cybersecurity, And Society
Part Of Our RSA Conference | San Francisco 2019 Coverage

Diana Kelley | Priscilla Koepke | Ann Cleaveland

Upcoming Podcasts on the Cyber society

Guest | Jenny Radcliffe
Social Engineer. Founder / Director at Human Factor Security.

Topic | The Past, The Present And The Future Of Social Engineering | Part 2

Status | Edited

Guest | Ted Harrington
Think Like a Hacker. Secure Your Brand. | Security Exec And Professional Speaker.

Topic | Is telemedicine the future of healthcare?
Part 2 / Cybersecurity

Status | Edited

Guest | Prof. Luigi Martino | International Relations and CyberSecurity at University of Florence Department of Political Science "Cesare Alfieri"

Topic | Cybersecurity and the Need for International Cooperation

Status | Recorded

Guest | TBD

Topic | How Smart Do I Need To Be To Live In A Smart City?

Status | To be recorded

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ITSPmagazine is, and will always be a free publication.
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