Their Story At Hacker Summer Camp | Las Vegas 2019 | Yaron Kassner, Silverfort

A Their Story interview with Sean Martin & Marco Ciappelli
Guest: Yaron Kassner, Co-Founder and CTO | Silverfort

What if you could have your cake and eat it too? No matter how many times you hear this, it still sounds good. Conversely, however, we can’t even remember how many conversations we’ve had over the years, about passwords and how inconvenient and old-fashioned they are—both for today’s businesses and for personal lives operating in the digital age.

Unfortunately not much has changed and, for a while, it looked like the best way to deal with adding extra security to a password was to verify it with yet another password. It felt like we were trying to maximize protection while minimizing disruptions; seemingly, this was (and still is?) as impossible as tasting that sweet cake and still having it. Drats!

Well, times are changing, and technology is finally coming to the rescue. Here is a story about it.

With over a decade in the cybersecurity industry, today’s guest — Yaron Kassner, Co-Founder of and CTO at Silverfort — tells a story of a career path that takes him through the data science and machine learning halls of Microsoft and Cisco before co-founding the Isreali-based firm, Silverfort, in 2015.

It's a good story. Have a listen. Just input your password when prompted.

Their Story Chats At Black Hat Conference 2018 | Dana Tamir From Silverfort

A Their Story interview with John Dasher​​​​​​​

ITSPmagazine’s John Dasher chats with Dana Tamir of Silverfort at Black Hat 2018 about multi-factor authentication, how it’s changed with the shift to the cloud, hybrid environments and disappearing perimeters, and how Silverfort enables strong MFA across the entire network without modifications to endpoints and servers.