Their Story Chats At Black Hat Conference 2018 | Tal Guest from Bomgar

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A Their Story interview with John Dasher

ITSPmagazine’s John Dasher sat down at Black Hat 2018 with Tal Guest of Bomgar to talk about privileged access management.

Bomgar specializes in privileged access management (PAM) and has products that help support these types of use cases. Their recent acquisition of Avecto, an endpoint privilege management company is the perfect complement to Bomgar’s existing PAM solutions.

You need privileges to move around in the environment and with Avecto’s additional layer of defense at the endpoint, Bomgar customers can remove excess admin rights throughout their organizations and only elevate privileges for approved applications and actions.

The effect that you can have on mitigating and remediating a potential breach within your environment just by having a process in place so that you can change all the privilege credentials within the organization – you can respond to just about any threat that you are faced with.
— Tal Guest

They also touch on the cloud and how it has impacted businesses, both the problem and the solutions.

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